Fire at purnululu forces evacuation

20 Jun Fire at purnululu forces evacuation

Fire at purnululu forces evacuation

Somali soldiers stand guard as the US military prepares to leave a facility in northern Somalia, Nov. 12. (Photo: AP)

The military in Somalia had previously told journalists that it planned to leave a prison there next week, but had decided against it after an attack killed some prisoners on the facility.

US forces wiljarvees.coml leave a prison in the southeastern Somali town of Purnululu about five days before it is expected to move to an undisclosed location for processing, a US military spokesman said.

He would not give details about the prison or provide a timeframe for its departure. The facility is used primarily by Islamic State militants.

“They will return, they will leave, but there will be further consequences of the attack on their return, the consequence is that this facility is in jeopardy,” Army Col. Craig Miller said late Friday in a briefing.

About 300 prisoners, mostly members of Somalia’s minority Al Shabab group, were reportedly killed as the US-led military coalition con우리카지노tinued its advance through the country on Sept. 11, leading to a series of U.S. air strikes against the militants.

U.S. military commanders are hoping that the re더킹카지노lease of prisoners to the Somali army will lessen the effect of any attack as the group tries to build up its fighting strength there.

A prison guard stands guard outside of the prison in Purnululu, November 11, 2014. (Photo: Reuters)

The United States says more than 90% of the 1,500 people held by Al Shabab are foreign militants, though the group has fought and killed Westerners in the past in the Horn of Africa and elsewhere.

Al Shabab attacks have come with several deadly consequences, including the killing of dozens of U.S. service members in a September base run by a U.S.-led coalition in northern Somalia in which a U.S. special forces officer was among the 13 who died.

“Our soldiers and their families will be in our thoughts and prayers and our thoughts and prayers of the American people when they come home,” Miller told reporters.

The release is part of a military coalition that has fought a war against Al Shabab in Somalia since April 2014, when the military, backed by U.S. special operations troops, began carrying out airstrikes against the group in partnership with international partners.

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